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The VVV09 group (click to enlarge)

Welcome to the 4th RobotCub Summer School, VVV09!

Photo collection: VVV09 Photos.

Working groups

In the press: VVV09 on the local news!

Day -1 (Wednesday) - Last day!

  • How did you like the school, drop a note to us (and our sponsors): School_09_notes
  • Demos! Or presentations! Each group (or individual if not in a group) should:
    • Give a live demo, or
    • Give a presentation (powerpoint/openoffice/wiki page)
  • Presentations should be uploaded to or linked from the wiki. Live demos should be described on the wiki.
  • Dinner tonight at the Vis-a-Vis, 8.30pm (be punctual).
  • Can someone with a decent camera organize a group photo? -> Alexis: Yes, let's just get the people together in the afternoon. Maybe after the demos?

Day -2 (Tuesday)

 bzr branch lp:~blender-for-robotics/openrobots-simulator/blender-yarp

Day -3 (Monday)

  • If you or your group would like to demo something today or in the days remaining, that would be great. Please just call everyone over to see (if at a robot), or present at the projector. Please be sure to send someone around to invite people working in other rooms or on the patio!
  • iCub scheduling: Scheduling6
  • Any interest on a Mac user mailing group for yarp/icub/...? robotcub-mackers? mac-bots?

Day 6 (Saturday)

  • Update of Manipulation group. We tested the grasping. See Group Page for Details, Video and Pictures.
  • Please prepare for group updates after coffee (update wiki, or prep a demo if you're feeling ambitious).
  • Half day today! We work until lunch, eat lunch, then school closes (officially).
  • Sunday is a free day. No school. Dinner as usual at Mira.

Day 5 (Friday)

Note to Philipp: (missed school due to poorly-timed illness, and says he is following the website with sadness). We are all very nearly miserable here, it is raining very nearly all the time, the robots are very nearly not working at all, the sea is very nearly an uncomfortable temperature, really you don't need to scroll down any further to understand how miserable we all are and how you are not missing anything! Seriously, the school is that bit worse off without you: maybe next year?

Day 4 (Thursday)

Day 3 (Wednesday)

Day 2 (Tuesday)

Day 1 (Monday)

  • Settle in, visit RobotCub meeting if you like.
  • Add yourself to the VVV09 Participants, for self-introductions to the group tomorrow (Tuesday).
  • VVV09 Ideas - please add or vote for project, group, and tutorial suggestions.
  • If you want to use the iCub, talk to Alessandro and Ugo. When needed, we'll have a scheduling page for allocating robot time, VVV09RobotScheduling.

Just starting...

Practical issues

  • Some laundry advice from last year's participants, don't know if this is still valid: laundry service 8Kg of clothes to wash and dry in 1 hour for 7 euro (soap is free), click here for directions from Hotel Mira
    • Verified by Noemi--it's still there. Wash is 4 euro for up to kg, plus 1 euro for soap. Dry is 3 euro.
  • Telefone Cards for international calling can be bought at tabacco shops (the shops with the big black & white "T" outside). Usually you get 500min talking for 5€. But this is just a theoretical value, as international calls are more expensive and they cut some minutes for each connection.