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Together at the last day
happy robot is happy
happy iCubSim
boat trip
View at the dinner (day -1)

Welcome to the RobotCub summerschool, July 2008.

for the 2009 school, see this page: VVV09

Check out the VVV08 Demos

What about adding some more contact information in Who's Who (e.g. your skype id) so that we can keep in touch once the summer school is over?

  • You can reserve a slot of time for using the robot (scheduling).
  • Practical information: laundry service 8Kg of clothes to wash and dry in 1 hour for 7 euro (soap is free), click here for directions from hotel mira
  • Free time information: A TV series hint: If you want to know what geeks live is like in an IT department: The IT CROWD
  • Hints on how to resolve ip address conflict Conflicts.

How did you like the school

Wednesday, Day -1, Last Day, L'ultimo Giorno (day 10 of 10)

  • Thanks guys!
  • Dinner at the vis-a-vis. List of people registered for dinner. Time: 8.30 pm.
    • Directions to the vis-a-vis: [1].
  • Today we'll be finishing a little earlier, at 6pm.
  • VVV08 Demos: add photos/links/screen-captures...
  • VVV08 Wish List
  • Yarp device tutorial coming, ready or not. Scheduled for after coffee.
  • Breakout meeting to plan some details of "icub-0.2", the second official release of icub software (the first official release hasn't happened yet, but we won't let that stop us. Scheduled for after lunch.
  • After the school:
    • We invite anyone who hasn't already done so to get on the Robotcub-hackers mailing list if you are interested in following (or contributing to) progress in the iCub software and YARP. People at the school have also mentioned Orocos, KDL, and Player, which have their own mailing lists.
    • Think about the role that free software has played at the school and your own research.
    • Think about the places during the school or in your research where you've had to use "tricks" or simplifications because there isn't time to implement something.
    • Think about what parts of your own software you could tidy up and release under a free license so that people won't need to do tricks for that part. There's usually no explicit reward for doing this in academia, but you'll feel good, there is a good chance your papers will get cited more, and people you never met will do more interesting research because of you.

Tuesday Day -2 (day 9 of 10)

  • Festival in Windows i.e. text-to-speech for the iCub.
  • Sky-watching is on again tonight; there may be a clearer sky.
  • No more verbal group updates; instead we are encouraging casual demos. Got something cool working on the robot? Call people over to see. Done something neat on the simulator? Hook it up to the projector and give us a look.
  • Please post photos of demos (or screencaps of simulator) on VVV08 Demos.

Monday Day -3 (day 8 of 10)

Sunday Day 7 (free)

  • The free day. But what to do? Here are possible trip targets as well as a trip idea where you can sign in.
  • Did you enjoy it?

Saturday Day 6

  • Luis is now Jonas. Welcome Jonas!
  • Today we plan to finish earlier, by 4pm
  • How about a friendly game of *StarCraft* today before dinner? Sign up here:StarCraft
  • Federico will do a Orocos-KDL beginners tutorial at 2:00pm (from a beginner point of view) KDL-simple

Friday Day 5 (Other free+open robotics projects)

Thursday Day 4 (Group work)

Wednesday Day 3 (forming groups)

  • Access to the robots
  • robotcub.org will be down for some time today.
  • Vadim has updated the simulator, with fixes for getting images from the virtual cameras in the robot's eyes.
  • Ideas for groups? You can organize yourself with others, or if you don't have a specific idea you can follow the following task list:

Enigmatic message preserved for historical analysis by posterity:

 Last news! :D
   Hi to every guy!
 Would you like to play football (friendly) at the beach tis evening after dinner?
 Let us know! :P   
 Oh! Rectification! Some guys talks about before dinner... 
 Mmm.... I feel confused... Gazed and confused... :| 
 --  (4.58 PM) A piece of new just arrived:
 7.00 in front of the   "Mira" hotel!
 We hope to see you in a huge number! :D

Tuesday Day 2 (getting introduced)

Monday Day 1 (getting installed)

Getting started. As in the good tradition of the VVV summer schools, we got our daily power shortage. We will spend the first day getting yarped!

Introduction: Giorgio's presentation on the iCub.


  • YARP Namespaces are a way of running multiple non-conflicting name servers on a network
  • Use Namespaces to run your own name server avoiding any conflicts with other participants. e.g.
 yarp namespace /yourname
 yarp server
 yarp check

The Simulator