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Welcome to the RobotCub wiki. The links below are meant to help navigate the RobotCub/iCub documentation. The best way to learn about the robot is to start from the iCub Manual. Papers, including a description of the robot hardware, are available from the main RobotCub website, see for example, our paper repository.

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The iCub manual iCub mechanics CAD iCub software release Deliverables (Wiki) Videos corner

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iCub software YARP software Temporary documentation The RobotCub Open Call

The iCub Programming Schools

Associated Projects

Workshops and events

RobotCub Deliverables

This is older material pertaining to the RobotCub project which is now finished. This will be moved in the near future to a separate page.

Certain deliverables with frequent updates have been made into Wiki pages for easy maintenance:

Older versions, here are the older versions of the deliverables:

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