Deliverable 8.1

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This deliverable item contains references to the iCub specifications. It has been decided to include this material into the robot manual which is in turn the Deliverable item 8.5. Chapter One of the manual is exactly the content of D8.1.

iCub details

The iCub is the robot described in the version 1 of this document previously delivered. In this update we have collected two main pieces of documentation:

  • Bill of materials
  • Data sheets

This material has been transformed into the first chapter of the robot manual. The manual is an online document which can be browsed at:

Currently, the manual has the form of a Wiki-based website because it requires frequent updates. The organization of the document is though as linear as possible which means that it allows being transformed into a standard manual.

The manual, at the moment of writing, contains 13 chapters of which ten have a reasonable content (three remain to be written and concern mainly the standardization of methods and the access to the repositories for committing new material – which is presently done by the staff at IIT and UGDIST).

Entry point

The entry point for the manual is: