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YARP is an open-source framework that supports distributed computation with an eye at robot control and efficiency. The starting point for YARP documentation is here:

This page contains a collection of frequently asked questions.

OS support FAQ

Linux and Windows are fully supported in the official YARP documentation. Mac OSX has just recently become officially supported (since we finally bought a test machine).

Language support FAQ

YARP is used in many languages: Python, Java, Tcl, Lisp, Ruby, ... via SWIG bindings. The YARP network protocol is also sufficiently simple to use without the YARP library, see the "YARP without YARP" tutorial in the official documentation. Here we collect notes on specific languages by community members.

Compiler support FAQ

YARP uses CMake and therefore can be compiled with just about any compiler/IDE. Here are some notes on specific compiler or CMake issues.

Device FAQ

Install FAQ

  • Complete installation instructions are available from the iCub manual:
 Manual --> Compiling YARP and iCub

Be aware that for YARP you do not need to perform all the steps, you just need ACE, GTKMM and GSL

Comparison and Interoperation FAQ

Howto FAQ

(much of this is in the official documentation now)

Performance and future FAQ

Mailing list FAQ

  • YARP developers hang out on robotcub-hackers and are very willing to answer questions.