YARP 2.4 Migration

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Migrating from YARP 2.3 to YARP 2.4 might require some changes to your code.

Things that change in iCub

  • Remove references to ICUB_ROOT in ResourceFinder configuration
  • No need to set ICUB_ROOT environment variable
  • Target install_application removed, now applications and other files are with the binaries both in the build and in the installation directory
  • Updated installation instructions:

ICub Software Installation

Simple template for modules in main

Simple template for libraries in main

Simple template for modules in contrib

Simple template for libraries in contrib

List of incompatible changes

This is a list of incompatible changes from YARP 2.3 series to YARP 2.4



cmake variable YARP_MODULE_PATH is a real "PATH" and therefore could be a list and not a single directory. This might break in a few cases (i.e. when used in include(${YARP_MODULE_PATH}/something.cmake)) There are 2 options to fix this:

  • Use the variable YARP_MODULE_DIR instead of YARP_MODULE_PATH:
  • Add YARP_MODULE_PATH to the CMAKE_MODULE_PATH variable and use the filename without the path and the extension :

Ongoing discussions