YARP 2.4 Migration

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Migrating from YARP 2.3 to YARP 2.4 might require some changes to your code.

Things that change in iCub

Remove references to ICUB_ROOT in ResourceFinder usage

No need to set ICUB_ROOT environment variable

Target install_application removed, now applications and other files are with the binaries both in the build and in the installation directory

List of incompatible changes

This is a list of incompatible changes from YARP 2.3 series to YARP 2.4



cmake variable YARP_MODULE_PATH is a real "PATH" and therefore could be a list and not a single directory. This might break in a few cases (i.e. when used in include(${YARP_MODULE_PATH}/something.cmake)) There are 2 options to fix this:

  • Use the variable YARP_MODULE_DIR instead of YARP_MODULE_PATH:
  • Add YARP_MODULE_PATH to the CMAKE_MODULE_PATH variable and use the filename without the path and the extension :

Ongoing discussions