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Preliminary steps

The iCub (the first one) has been delivered to Paris. Here's a photo showing some initial testing.

The iCub in its temporary installation in Paris

Assembly - July 2008

Our robot was assembled in July 2008 at IIT. Damien Zaremba, an engineer related to our Lab., supervised the assembly. Pictures, videos and documentation (some of it being in French) are currently hosted on a svn server which will be made accessible soon. Meanwhile, Vincent Padois was attending the VVV08 summer school to learn the basics about yarp and the iCub software.

Our robots' torso during assembly.

Delivery - October 08th 2008

After two months of testing at IIT, the robot left Genova on the 29th of September and arrived in the lab. on the 08th of October.

First start-up - October 14th 2008

Marco Maggiali and Davide Dellepiane came to Paris to help us set-up and start our robot. Everything was done in less than one day.

The first "demo" in the lab.

First steps

Supporting structure

We have built a supporting structure for the robot quite similar to the one used by IIT. We will transfer the robot from the temporary structure to this one soon.

Our structure at the preliminary stage

Starting iCub alone

We have started the robot following the procedures shown during the first start-up. {Aside from our own network problems} -> SOLVED, everything went well. {We still can't connect to the cameras but this should be solved soon} -> SOLVED. {We also have a small problem with the proximal motion of the left thumb as well as with the right eye which a bit diverging on the right after calibration.} -> partly SOLVED.


iCub at VES 2008

iCub was doing some demos on the ISIR-UPMC stand at the European city of Science expo. in Paris from the 14th to the 16th of November 2008. Pictures available on request. Here is a video (with French comments) we prepared for this occasion.

iCub at ICT 2008

iCub joined its cousin from IIT at ICT 2008 in Lyon from the 25th to the 27th of November.

iCub at ISIR 2010

First experiments of learning model with icub.

icub don't see its target.
Icub happy to see both balls.

iCub at ISIR 2011

The 7 january of year 2011, icub lost its head. Some pictures can also be found in the svn isir.

We have changed a part of icub that can be viewed as its neck. This was done in order to have more stability and to avoid backlashes in screws. The L of the neck change to a T.

Icub neck after replacement.
Robot during disassembly.

May 2011, the torso is broken since one month. After the replacement of the dysfunctioning sensor (torso joint[1], the robot still don't work well, even after the replacement of the global board. Indeed, the wire of torso joint[2] broke little by little on a sharp metallic part as shown on photos.

Sharp metallic part.
broken cable.

After replacing the second sensor, the robot is now available.

The 9 june of year 2011, icub lost its left arm. The cable is now replaced.

Torn cable