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Automatic building of iCub Software

The GAR Installer is an automated build system for software in general. Its goal is to ease the downloading, configuration and installation process. Here you can find an adapted version, whill will install the icub software and its dependencies.

This build system has been tested on several ubuntu releases. Windows and OS X is currently not supported. It is based on GAR. You can find more information about GAR here:

An automated build system has the following advantages:

  • typically saves a lot of time
  • configure options are communicated / documented
  • it is easy to install a new release of the software
  • freezing of demos is easily possible
  • small customizations and patches can be included, e.g. in order to patch 3rd party software.


In order to get the GAR installer and build the iCub software the following simple steps are required:

CVS_RSH=ssh cvs -d co packaging
cd packaging/gar-installer/systems/icub
make install

The build system will ask you for the installation prefix, where e.g. the binaries will be installed in $prefix/bin